At the dental office of Dr. David Romisher, we are dedicated to providing you with dental care that is good for not just your smile, but also for your overall health. As part of this goal, we only offer composite, amalgam-free dental fillings. Amalgam dental fillings, which are sometimes referred to as silver fillings, contain mercury and may be detrimental to your health. Composite fillings contain no amalgam or mercury; they are created from composite resin. In addition to the health benefits of being mercury-free, composite fillings hold an aesthetic advantage over amalgam fillings because they are tooth-colored and blend in beautifully with your smile.

Dr. Romisher may recommend a composite filling if your tooth has become decayed or damaged. To place the filling, he will remove the decayed portion of the tooth, clean the tooth, and fill it in with composite resin. He will carefully shape and polish the composite filling to ensure that it comfortably fits your bite. In Merchantville, New Jersey, composite fillings are usually placed in just one pleasant visit to our dental office. For more information on how a composite filling can aesthetically and effectively restore your smile, we invite you to call or visit us today!